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Buying a sustainable holiday house

Investing in a sustainable vacation rental

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  • Luxury vacation rentals in Zeeland
  • Sustainably built
  • For private use or renting out

Buying a sustainable holiday house

Enjoy a stable investment at Oysterduinen! Our luxury vacation rentals are situated in a beautiful location by the water in the charming fishing village of Yerseke. Our vacation homes are built with sustainable materials and equipped with energy-efficient appliances. This results in low energy consumption and, as a result, low costs for you as an owner. If you are the owner of one of our sustainable vacation rentals, you can choose to use the property yourself or rent it out. Letting is handled entirely by our professional rental organization. This allows you to enjoy a worry-free and interesting return.

Discover our sustainable vacation rentals:

Your sustainable investment

At Oysterduinen, you can invest in a luxurious and detached vacation rental on a spacious 250 m² lot. These vacation rentals can accommodate up to 4 persons and have a complete and luxurious interior. Our vacation homes are built with a focus on sustainability: the homes are built with sustainable materials and equipped with energy-efficient appliances. As a result, the home uses much less energy. This is not only better for the environment, but also for your wallet. For some extra luxury, you can choose a vacation rental with wellness facilities such as a sauna, hot tub or plunge pool.

Our luxurious holiday homes:

  • Luxurious and complete interior
  • Suitable for up to 4 persons
  • Sustainable and with low energy consumption
  • Wellness possibilities
  • Beautiful location at the water

This is how you can get the most of out of your investment

Our luxury resort has a beautiful location in idyllic Yerseke. The tranquil beaches, beautiful dunes and vast coastline of Zeeland are a perfect base for a wonderful vacation. When you invest in a sustainable vacation rental at Oysterduinen, you can benefit in three ways:

    Personal use

    You can choose to use your luxury and sustainable vacation rental in Zeeland yourself. Enjoy the wide beaches, clear waters and beautiful dunes during a well-deserved vacation.


    When you choose to rent out your vacation rental, our professional rental agency will take care of everything for you. This allows you to take advantage of a attractive return free of worries.

    Combination of private use and letting

    You can also choose to use your sustainable vacation rental yourself and make it available for letting whenever you are not using it.

Are you interested in purchasing a sustainable vacation rental at Oysterduinen? Request our brochure free of obligation or contact us.

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Frequently asked questions:

- What makes your vacation rentals so sustainable?

Our luxury vacation rentals are very sustainable because they are built using sustainable materials. In addition, they are equipped with energy-efficient equipment, which allows them to consume less power, which in turn allows you to benefit from lower costs.

- What tax rules are involved in my investment?

There are a variety of tax rules involved in the purchase of a sustainable vacation rental. Which rules these are depends very much on your personal situation. For some personal advice, schedule an appointment with one of our experienced advisors.