Caution! You are investing outside of AFM supervision. No licensing requirement for this activity.
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Professional rental organization

Our professional rental organization

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  • Variable yield
  • Safe and attractive investment object
  • Enjoy tax benefits
  • Benefit from a fixed net yield of 7%

Care-free investment keeping the future in mind

Investing in a vacation rental means you benefit from an object that keeps its value. It offers a variable yield of up to 6.5% net, and when renting out you also gain tax benefits. For example, you will receive a repayment of the VAT (21%) on the home and the plot. Furthermore, you do not need to pay income tax on the yields of your vacation rental. Renting out your home is completely taken care of by the professional rental organization of Oysterduinen. This allows you to benefit from your investment without any headaches.

Advantages of renting out your vacation rental

If you have purchased a vacation rental and choose to rent it out, you will benefit from various advantages. For example, you do not have to pay income tax on the yields. It also generates an additional percentage when you bring forward renters of your vacation rental yourself. So you choose a physical, safe, and attractive investment object. 


Transparency is of high priority at Oysterduinen. Before the purchase process, during the purchase process, and afterwards as home owner. We communicate the fees, but also that you receive a fixed net yield of 7%! As owner of a vacation rental you get access to our online booking system. You can use it to communicate with our reception, but you can also view the occupancy, invoicing, guest ratings, and lots more. This ensures you always know what is happening regarding your vacation rental. Are there no bookings on a weekend? Take your friends or family for a nice trip to your own vacation rental.

Rentals, management, and maintenance fully taken care of

Our professional rental agency takes care of everything related to rentals, management, and maintenance. The only thing we ask of you is to indicate online when you want to use your vacation rental yourself! This way you'll get lots of joy out of your investment.

(Online) marketing activities

Through our collaboration with an online marketing agency that is specialized in the recreation sector, we work every day to keep your vacation rental visible online. Through these activities, bookings are made through our own rental website and you'll benefit from a good occupancy and an attractive yield. But there also are activities at the park itself to ensure guests return later.

Do you also want to enjoy a care-free investment? Take a look at our brochure or contact us.

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