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Buy vacation rental with wellness

Buy vacation rental with wellness

Open days 31 May & 1 June
Receive a tour and discover the various possibilities.
  • Luxurious homes with private wellness
  • Options include hot tub, sauna, or plunge pool
  • Attractive yield

Luxury homes with private wellness for sale

Enjoy a holiday house with private wellness and receive an attractive yield at the same time? This sounds like a dream to lots of people, a dream that can become reality for you! At Oysterduinen you invest in luxurious and sustainable vacation homes in Zeeland. These homes have various wellness options such as a hot tub, plunge pool, barrel sauna, and/or outdoor shower. Here you decide whether you use your home yourself or (partially) rent it out. If you choose to rent it out, everything will be taken care of by our professional rental organization and you will receive an attractive net yield. Curious about all the options? Feel free to contact us, without any obligation.

Check out our range of luxurious wellness homes:

Experience the comfort of our luxurious vacation homes

Our vacation homes with wellness options are constructed on spacious plots on private land.  This means you have full control over your property and how it is used. The luxurious homes are constructed using sustainable materials and are equipped with energy-efficient tools, resulting in low energy consumption and low costs for you as owner. Furthermore, the homes features two bedrooms, a spacious living area with a Cinewall and gas fireplace, a complete kitchen, and a patio. The difference between the Villa Mare 4-Person and the Villa Mare Exclusiva is the size in terms of area. The Villa Mare Pool is different in that it features a plunge pool. Because of the popularity of our location in Zeeland and wellness options like a hot tub, plunge pool, barrel sauna, and/or outdoor shower , the home is perfect to rent out.

Overview of the homes:

  • Suitable for up to 4 persons
  • Homes measuring 52m² or 70m²
  • Spacious plots measuring 250m²
  • Luxurious look and furnishing
  • Wellness facilities optional
  • Furnished in Zeeland style

Enjoy a luxurious vacation within walking distance of the beach

At our resort, which measures no less than 2.5 hectares, 96 sustainable and luxurious holiday homes are being constructed. While developing our resort we thought a lot about how to bring across how Zeeland feels in the park. You can see the result in the duneish atmosphere.  Even though the park is located in the middle of vibrant Yerseke, you will still experience the quietness you are used to in Zeeland here. The park is withinwalking distance of a large beach, making it the ideal location for water (sports) enthusiasts.  We are very proud of our range of offers and warmly invite you to contact us for more information. We are happy to go over all of the possibilities with you and are ready to help you find your ideal vacation rental!

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What previous interested people asked us:

Is it wise to invest in a holiday house with wellness?

Investing in a holiday house is a good way of generating additional wealth. Homes with wellness are highly popular with vacation goers. A high occupancy leads to a higher yield. But do take note; there are always risks to investing.

Can I also stay in the home myself?

Certainly, at Oysterduinen you can also choose private use so you can enjoy your private wellness all year long. Partial letting is also possible, you then benefit from both a nice vacation destination and an attractive yield.