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Buying a vacation rental

Buying a vacation rental

Open days 31 May & 1 June
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  • Stable investment
  • Sustainable and luxurious vacation rentals
  • Net returns of up to 6.5%
  • Unique location at the water
  • Plots of 200 m² - 400 m²

Buying a sustainable and luxurious vacation rental

Are you interested in purchasing a sustainable and luxurious vacation rental? Oysterduinen is building 96 new holiday homes in a beautiful location by the water. Our resort is located in the charming village of Yerseke, in the heart of Zeeland. The ideal destination for anyone looking for a relaxing holiday in Zeeland. The vacation rentals at our resort are available in different sizes and layouts so that you can make a stable investment that matches your wishes exactly. On our spacious plots at Oysterduinen, you can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy all of the nature and pleasant atmosphere Zeeland has to offer. Curious about our range?

Our offer:

A stable investment

96 sustainable and luxurious holiday homes are being built on our resort, which measures no less than 2.5 hectares. The homes will be located on spacious plots, on private land. This means that you will have full control over your property and its use. When you choose to invest, you can choose whether you use the vacation rental yourself or (partially) rent it out. In case of full letting, you will receive an interesting net return of up to 6.5% on an annual basis! In addition, our vacation rentals are built with sustainable materials and equipped with energy-efficient appliances, resulting in low energy consumption and low costs for you as an owner.

    Interesting net returns
    Tax benefits
    Professional rental organization
    Safe investment object

Investing in real estate by the water

A holiday by the water in Zeeland is popular. Whether you want to enjoy a wonderful holiday on the water or buy a new-build holiday cottage as an investment, it is always a good place to spend some time. Our resort is located in the well-known town of Yerseke and is characterized by clear blue waters, green meadows and long stretches of dikes and polders. Visitors cn go kayaking, sailing, windsurfing or simply relax on the beach. There are even several surfing and sailing schools that rent out equipment and where you can take lessons. In short, it is a wonderful place to spend a holiday here yourself, and thanks to the popularity of our location, it is perfect for renting out and achieving returns on your investment. 

An overview of the accommodations:

  • Suitable for up to 4 persons
  • Accommodations measuring 52m² or 70m²
  • Spacious 250 m² plots
  • Luxurious appearance and interior
  • Wellness facilities possible

Buying a vacation rental in Zeeland

Zeeland: the perfect holiday destination for anyone looking for a relaxing holiday at the coast. Zeeland offers beautiful wide beaches, long stretches of dunes and a picturesque landscape. You or your holiday guests can enjoy some cycling, walking or enjoy water sports here. And it goes without saying you should not miss out on a day at the beach, which is within walking distance of our resort. Whether you or your guests are looking for adventure, relaxation or culture, Zeeland has something to offer for everyone!

Buy a vacation rental in the Netherlands including wellness

When purchasing a vacation rental, we offer additional options to increase the value of your home and, of course, to ensure you enjoy your holiday even more. They include a hot tub, plunge pool, barrel sauna or outdoor shower. This gives you that little bit of extra luxury and comfort. Curious about the possibilities? We will be happy to tell you about the possibilities, free of commitment. 

Interested in buying a cottage in the Netherlands at Oysterduinen?

We are very proud of our range of offers and warmly invite you to contact us for more information. We are happy to go over all of the possibilities with you and are ready to help you find your ideal vacation rental!

What other questions interested parties asked us:

What does the purchase of a vacation rental cost?

We offer vacation rentals in different sizes and layouts with an appropriate price. As a result, you are guaranteed to find a suitable investment to suit your needs. 

What are the returns on my investment?

If you choose to rent out your vacation rental, you will receive a interesting net return per year. Thanks to our professional rental organization, the letting will be completely taken care of for you.