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Oysterduinen Verkoop
Buy holiday house in Zeeland

Buy holiday house in Zeeland

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  • Sustainable holiday homes
  • Wellness options
  • In a beautiful location near the sea

Luxurious vacation rentals in Zeeland for sale

Zeeland: the province with the most hours of sun. You'll find lots of quietness here, various beaches in the area, and beautiful nature. All in all; a perfect location to live. Did you ever consider investing in a vacation rental in Zeeland? Check the opportunities at Oysterduinen: a beautiful resort in a unique location in the charming town of Yerseke. Here you can invest in a luxurious vacation rental. The homes were designed keeping sustainability and comfort in mind, and offer you a unique opportunity to enjoy a vacation in a beautiful location whenever you want. Want to know more? Go on and check the offers.

Our vacation rentals

Your vacation rental in Zeeland

At Oysterduinen you'll find no less than 96 sustainable and luxurious vacation rentals. These homes are built on spacious plots and on private ground. During the design phase of these homes, special attention was given to comfort and sustainability. Your home is equipped with energy-efficient tools which results in a low energy consumption and therefore lower costs for you as owner of the home. Your home also features a spacious living area with seating and dinner corner, a fully equipped kitchen, separate toilet, and nice bedrooms. From your living room you can go straight onto the patio of the home, and the home is very bright due to the large amount of windows. When purchasing your home, you can choose an extra luxurious wellness version which for example could have a hot tub, plunge pool, barrel sauna, or outdoor shower. The difference between the various homes is the size of the homes and the plunge pool which all Villa Mare Pool have.

Overview of your home:

  • Sustainable and luxurious
  • Suitable for 4 persons
  • Wellness optional
  • With private patio
  • For personal use, renting out, or a combination of these options
  • In vibrant Yerseke
  • Interesting net return

Yerseke: the mussel and oyster village of Zeeland

Yerseke is a very charming village in the heart of Zeeland. The village is key in mussel catch and processing. Oysters are also bred here. That makes tasting these famous mussels and oysters one of the most popular activities. Besides Yerseke being known for this, the village also offers visitors tons of recreational opportunities. You can go on beautiful hikes and cycling tours, but there also are many water sports options. Kayaking, sailing, wind surfing; it's all possible. Of course you can also simply enjoy yourself and relax on the beach. Finally, you'll also find various interesting cultural attractions in Yerseke, such as the Oosterscheldemuseum and the historic shipyard. All in all: for a relaxed, active, or rewarding vacation Yerseke is the place to go!

Would you like to know more?

When buying a home you can choose between renting it out, private use, or a combination of both. When you choose to rent it out, our professional rental organization will take care of everything. Are you interested in purchasing a vacation rental in Zeeland at Oysterduinen? Contact us, without any commitment. Our consultants love to provide you with more information.

This is what interested parties asked us:

✦ What are the investment opportunities at Oysterduinen?

At Oysterduinen you invest in a physical and stable object. When purchasing a home, you can choose between renting it out, private use, or a combination of both. When renting it out you enjoy various tax benefits, including a repayment of the VAT (21%) on the villa and plot. You do not pay income tax over the yield of your vacation rental. We take care of the rental process for you. Do you provide renters yourself? You'll gain an additional percentage. Buy a vacation rental in Zeeland at Oysterduinen, and you profit from the growing demand for domestic vacations.

✦ What are the opportunities in the area around the resort?

Oysterduinen is located in Yerseke, in Zeeland. The area offers lots of options for all ages. The resort is in a beautiful location by the Oosterschelde. Right across the road from the resort you'll find a beautiful marina and fishing port, and a beach is only a short distance away. Besides that, there are options for water sports and hiking and cycling tours in the area. Finally, you'll find various quaint towns and cities in the area, such as Wemeldinge, Kapelle, and Goes.