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Oysterduinen Verkoop
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Buying a holiday house for letting

Profit from a net return of as much as 7%!

Purchasing a vacation rental is gaining popularity among both private and corporate investors. The province of Zeeland is also gaining popularity in terms of tourism. According to Kenniscentrum Toerisme, Zeeland counted another record number of tourist overnight stays in 2023. Tourists stayed a total of 13.5 million nights in the province, which was 5% more than in 2022. Partly because of this, buying and renting out a holiday house is a very attractive investment. In addition to the net return you receive monthly, you will also benefit from the value development of the vacation rentals

Rental website Resort Oysterduinen

When you decide to buy and rent a vacation home at Resort Oysterduinen, the rental will be arranged for you. The vacation homes can be booked through our rental website from then on.

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Our vacation homes:

Rent out your vacation rental

If you decide to buy and rent out a home at Oysterduinen, you benefit from the services of our professional rental organization. Our rental organization ensures your vacation rental is properly visible (online), through a collaboration with an online marketing agency and a link with various tour operators. Furthermore, all of the rentals, the management, and maintenance are fully taken care of for you. You automatically receive a 7% return on your vacation rental every month. Do you want to use the home yourself at some point? No problem. Through our online booking system you can simply block periods for yourself. If you pick this, you enjoy a variable return. 

Resort Oysterduinen:

  • New and luxurious recreation homes
  • On spacious plots of up to 400 m²
  • Wellness facilities optional
  • Located in the premier mussel and oyster town of the Netherlands
  • Unique location near the water

Return on your vacation rental in Yerseke

You decide whether you invest in a 2-, 4-, or 6-person vacation rental and whether you want to have wellness options. You can, for example, add a hot tub and/or sauna to your vacation rental. This allows you to offer your guests some additional luxury. If you decide to rent out your vacation rental, you do not only benefit from a return, but also of the appreciation of the vacation rental. As the park gets developed, this contributes to appreciation of your investment. Are you curious about the options or would you like more information about our project?

What other interested parties asked us:

How are the returns on a vacation rental calculated?q

At Oysterduinen, you benefit from a net return of 7% in case of full etting This is calculated from rental income and management & maintenance costs, among other things. If you choose to partially use the property yourseflf, you will receive a variable return, which depends on the amount of self-use. 

With partial letting, how do you ensure that I benefit from the highest possible return

Thanks to the cooperation with an online marketing agency, we ensure that the property is highly visible. This is achievedvthrough search engine optimization, ads on relevant websites, and ads on social media. That, combined with the link with various tour operators, allows us to work with optimal occupancy rates. through these collaborations, your vacation rental will be featured on a variety of channels. Based on supply and demand, price increases or price reductions can be anticipated and used as well.