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Buying a luxurious chalet

Buying a luxurious chalet

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  • Luxurious chalets
  • Unique location by the sea
  • Return of up to 6.5% net

Investing in a luxurious chalet by the sea

Are you looking for the ultimate combination of luxury and relaxation on the coast of Zeeland? Then investing in a luxurious chalet in Yerseke is an excellent choice! Oysterduinen offers a beautiful selection of newly constructed vacation homes that are built in the middle of a nature–rich environment, where you can enjoy the tranquility and serenity of the coast of Zeeland. In addition, as an authentic mussel village, Yerseke has a unique charm that you will not find anywhere else. You can choose to purchase a second home for your own use or consider the option of (partially) renting out your vacation home with the help of our professional rental organization. Are you interested in buying a luxurious chalet in Zeeland? Then quickly take a look at our range!

Buying a chalet with private land

If you buy a chalet at Oysterduinen, you will not only enjoy a beautiful vacation home by the sea but also your own piece of land! All of our homes are namely offered with spacious lots of 250m². The vacation homes are available from €225,000 and are suitable for a maximum of 6 people. The luxurious chalets have a kitchen, bedroom(s), a bathroom, and a private patio. In addition, some homes have a built–in sauna in the bathroom. This adds an extra touch of luxury and relaxation to your vacation home. Our luxurious chalets also meet the latest BENG requirements; now, that is a responsible investment! Are you interested in a luxurious chalet by the sea?

Summary of the luxurious chalets:

  • Suitable for a maximum of 6 people
  • Spacious lots of 250m²
  • Modern appearance and furnishings
  • Built–in sauna possible
  • Variable return of up to 6.5%
  • Personal use or (partially) renting out

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New possibilities with your own vacation home

Buying a luxurious chalet offers you various options to get the most out of your investment.  When you decide to invest, you can decide for yourself how you use your vacation home. For example, you can keep the chalet for your personal use or you can (partially) rent out the chalet with the help of our professional rental organization. Our rental partner is happy to take the work off your hands. A high occupancy rate, administrative relief, extensive damage coverage, professional management, maintenance, and high returns are taken care of.  When fully renting out, you can even realize an appealing return of up to 6.5% net on an annual basis. In addition, you are assured of sustainable and environmentally–friendly facilities. Our recreation homes are built with high–quality materials and have energy–efficient equipment, resulting in a low energy consumption and lower costs for you as the owner.

    Luxurious and sustainable homes
    Unique location on the coast of Zeeland
    Net return of up to 6.5%
    Professional rental agency

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What previous interested people asked us:

What are the advantages of buying a luxurious chalet?

Purchasing a luxurious chalet has tax advantages, such as exemption from income tax on rental income. In addition, when you rent out your vacation home, you build up extra capital.  Of course, there are also risks associated with investing; we are happy to inform you about this.  Please contact us for this.

Where are the luxurious chalets being built?

Our new vacation homes are being built in Yerseke, located in Zeeland. This tourist destination offers vacationers a fantastic vacation. In addition, there are various activities and sights to discover in the area, such as a tour with a Mini, 3–wheeler, or scooter through Zeeland and eating delicious oysters at restaurant De Oesterbeurs.  This makes offering your luxurious chalet available for renting out even more appealing!